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My Self-Care Commitment


Self-care, plain and simple, allow you to take better care of others. Self-care ensures that when you take care of your needs, you operate from a state of inner balance, which equips you to meet the needs of others. Self-care is often challenging to initiate and maintain for many. A typical reason people cite for not engaging in routine self-care is that they “don’t have time.” However, you can engage in various self-care practices that are not particularly time-consuming or require a lot of planning. When self-care is integrated into everyday life, you will likely become protective of that time and wonder how you managed without it. Remember, self-care activities can be physical, emotional, spiritual, sensory, or social. The idea of starting self-care and integrating it into your everyday life is to identify what feels good to you—something that you genuinely enjoy doing and that suits your values and lifestyle.

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