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Intensive Treatment

Intensive Purpose-Driven Therapy Sessions: A Tailored Voyage of Self-Discovery and Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery with our Intensive Purpose-Driven Therapy Sessions, meticulously designed for both individuals and couples. This distinct therapeutic model is an immersive, short-term experience, encapsulating a rich tapestry of therapeutic approaches in up to 12 concentrated hours, each pulsating with the potential for profound change.

Our Intensive Purpose-Driven Therapy Sessions are not one-size-fits-all. The structure of your unique package dances to the rhythm of your specific needs and aspirations, transforming and adapting to the melody of your desired outcomes. It’s therapy with intention, passion, and a commitment to your individual journey.


The first session is akin to the opening chapter of a book yet to be written. Here, we delve deep, administering a comprehensive intake assessment/questionnaire, crafted to be the mirror reflecting your innermost self. This initial exploration serves as a gateway to greater self-understanding, providing a foundational platform from which we scaffold your tailored, intensive, and result-focused program.

Every session is a step forward, a dance of discovery and reflection, where the therapeutic space becomes a canvas for your narrative, and every insight a brushstroke of transformation. This is not just therapy; it’s a crafted experience, a purpose-driven journey where each moment is steeped in the specificity of your story, your challenges, and your aspirations.

Are you ready to unravel the threads of your being, to weave them into a tapestry of understanding and transformation? The Intensive Purpose-Driven Therapy Sessions await, an odyssey of passion, specificity, and a fervent commitment to your journey of change.

This Is For You If...
  • You travel a lot, or have many obligations and are not able to commit to traditional therapy.

  • You live in a geographic location where there’s limited service and want to utilize the sessions for self-improvement.

  • You find traditional, ongoing, weekly therapy sessions disruptive because your session ends just when you are making a discovery.

  • You have an urgent nagging situation that you need perspective on.

  • You Seek Tailored Experience: You are looking for a therapy experience that is meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs and aspirations, adapting and transforming according to your specific journey.

  • You desire a short-term but deeply immersive therapeutic engagement, with up to 12 concentrated hours designed for profound change.

  • You wish to delve into a journey of self-discovery, starting with an extensive intake assessment/questionnaire aimed at unlocking greater self-understanding.

  • You appreciate a therapy model that is not one-size-fits-all but rather steeped in the specificity of your story, challenges, and aspirations, with every session purposefully designed to facilitate your transformation.

  • You are embarking on this journey alone or with a partner, you seek to experience a transformative voyage designed to cater to both individual and relational dynamics.

  • You are focused on achieving tangible results and value a program that is intensively and passionately committed to facilitating outcome-oriented transformation.

  • You feel ready to unravel the threads of your being and weave them into a tapestry of understanding and transformation, embracing a fervent journey of change.

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Take the Next Step...
  • Flexible Scheduling: Tailored to accommodate your availability and can be conducted on consecutive days for your convenience.

  • Format Options: Available virtually or in-person (for those vaccinated against Covid-19).

  • Cost-Effective: A budget-friendly alternative to traditional weekly sessions.

  • Fixed Appointments: No make-up sessions available once dates/times are confirmed.

  • Continued Treatment Options: Opportunity to extend treatment, with various session frequencies/intensities to suit your needs and budget, assessed and discussed for your optimal benefit.

  • Best Suited For:  Someone who is familiar with the psychotherapeutic process, with the capacity to endure and grow from the intensity of this process.

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Premium Individual Immersive: OneSession

    Includes *One 90 minute session *Pre-session questionnaire *2 topic-related digital tools
    Valid for 4 weeks
  • Premium Individual Intensive: 6 Sessions

    *Six Sessions *Consecutive Sessions (daily or weekly) *Pre-session questionnaire *2 digital tools
    Valid for 6 weeks
  • Premium Individual Intensive: 8 Sessions

    *Eight Sessions *Consecutive Sessions (daily or weekly) *Pre-session questionnaire *3 digital tools
    Valid for 8 weeks
  • Premium Individual Intensive:12 Sessions

    *Twelve Sessions *Consecutive Sessions (daily or weekly) *Pre-session questionnaire *4 digital tools
    Valid for 12 weeks
  • Individual Immersive Session:

    * One 90 minute session * Requires completion of a pre-session questionnaire
    Valid for 4 weeks
  • Individual Intensive: 6 Sessions

    *Six 50 minute sessions *Consecutive sessions (daily or weekly) *Pre-session questionnaire
    Valid for 6 weeks
  • Individual Intensive: 8 sessions

    * Eight 50 minute sessions * Consecutive sessions (daily or weekly) * Pre-session questionnaire
    Valid for 8 weeks
  • Individual Intensive: 12 Sessions

    * Twelve 50 minute sessions * Consecutive sessions (daily or weekly) * Pre-session questionnaire
    Valid for 12 weeks
  • Couple Immersive Session:

    *One 45-minute session each *Pre-session questionnaire *One 90-minute couple session *1 digital tool
    Valid for one week
  • Couple Intensive: 6 Sessions

    *45-minute session each *Four 60-minute couple sessions *Pre-session questionnaire *2 digital tools
    Valid for 6 weeks
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