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About Us

Sherry M. Jerimie LCSW-R, MS

Hi, I'm Sherry!

When people - friends, acquaintances, family, strangers - discover I'm a psychoanalyst, they immediately engage me in conversation about mental health. Most have serious mental health-related questions, often disguised as "just conversation and small talk." 


Most of these folks are ENRICH Outsiders seeking a quick fix in lieu of therapy. They want me to say what's wrong, and 'fix' them. I never get these sorts of questions from people who have successfully been to therapy because they are aware of the context and importance of such conversations. They know they must invest in their wellbeing, either through treatment or, at the very least, self-improvement in the form of CBT.


So I developed this series of CBT-influenced and researched based tools, self-help activities, exercises, workbooks, planners, and self-reflections for my community so they get comfortable with beginning the process of what it will take to mend their minds. 


These tools are most helpful for people who:

  • Don't want therapy, 

  • Are not ready for therapy 

  • Are scared of therapy

  • Are curious about therapy

  • Are misinformed or uninformed about therapy

  • Want to know more about their flaws but don't know where to turn 

  • Can't afford (good) therapy 

  • Think they don't need therapy but just need a question answered

My qualifications can be summarized as follows:

  • Over 23 years in Private Practice

  • Certified Psychoanalyst: Training Institute for Mental Health

  • Certified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist: Training Institute for Mental Health

  • NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker - R Privilege

  • MSW, New York University, Silver School of Social Work

  • MS (Management), New York University, Wagner School of Public Service

  • Post Master’s Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice, NYU 

  • Post Master’s Certificate in Advanced Clinical Supervision, NYU

  • Post Master’s Certificate in Clinical Supervision, NYU 

  • Post Master’s Certificate in Clinical Approaches To Addictions, NYU 

  • Post Master’s Certificate in Clinical Practice With Adolescents, NYU

  • Advanced Dream Analysis: Training Institute for Mental Health


I am the Principal of DKA TOOLKIT INC., an Organizational Effectiveness Consultancy offering executive/leadership coaching, corporate training, psychometric testing, and online courses - in leadership development, cross cultural communication, diversity & inclusion, team building, and emotional intelligence.


I have conducted leadership trainings for executives and senior managers from some of the largest global companies including: Bellevue Hospital, Agricultural Bank of China, NYC Department of Transportation, AIG, National Grid, Port Authority of NY/NJ, The Bank of Leumi, NYC Department of Buildings, The Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF), NYC Municipal Credit Union, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), Ann Taylor, Baruch College, and DLA Piper.


For 17 years I was the lead Corporate Trainer for Baruch College Corporate/Executive Training Division.

I am also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Baruch College (CUNY) where I teach several MBA courses in their ongoing “American Leadership & Management” immersion program with Institut Superieur de Gestion (ISG Business School) and The International School of Management (ISM) (both in France).


In my roles I have seen hundreds of executives, managers, leaders, and employees who all want the same thing: to find their purpose, and do what they are supposed to do with their lives. Many of them also struggle to fit in. They frequently come to me privately as they believe they are alone in their struggle. Some of the questions I get are:

  • Should I continue working here?

  • Should I attempt to be promoted?

  • How do I motivate myself?

  • How do I fit in?

  • Why don’t I fit in?

  • What do I need to do to get along with my boss?

  • How do I get my boss to take me seriously?

  • Why do I hate my job?


Many of my clients share one thing: they all see themselves as outsiders at work; they don’t feel a sense of belonging. We have created these self-awareness tools and activities to bring more insight to the ENRICH Outsider.

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