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Digital Products

Individually select from our library of CBT-influenced and researched based tools, self-help activities, exercises, workbooks, planners, meditations, and self-reflections.

Our digital store products provide one or more of the following:

* Information - Education on specific mental health and wellness topics.

** Realization - Awareness of a problem within you. 

*** Activation - Learning some specific tools to execute the learned information.

**** Transformation - This facilitates introspective thought and insight, thereby making the implementation of the information more meaningful, indelible, repeatable and - over time - second nature. It moves you to seek, and go beyond therapy.

Transform Yourself!

Craft your care...

We empower you…personalize your own care by digitally engaging in your choice of our psycho-education, self-awareness, reflection and activities / exercises. Get better outcomes in less time!

Digital Download: These e-books, e-workbooks, e-journals, and e-planners are designed to be used with any PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf, etc. You will receive an instant download immediately upon purchase.

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