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Different Thoughts Different Mindset


As People of Enrich, more often than not, life experiences have taught us to be cynical and pessimistic. Why wouldn't we be? When we have the proof to support our hypothesis - it may be experiencing unfair criticism in your job, it may be the opportunities you are deprived of, or it may be life in general.   This exercise was designed to help you modify your mindset. Not to forget your experiences, but rather to continue flourishing despite these experiences and the adversity you have experienced.  This exercise, Different Thought Different Mindset, is essential to integrate into your daily life because how we think affects how we feel. If you think about something in a positive light, you will likely feel more positive about it. On the other hand, if you think about something from a negative viewpoint, you will probably feel more negative, regardless of whether that thought is backed by evidence or not. 

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