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ENRICH @ Work - Needs Program


We all have unmet needs starting in infancy and growing through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The impact of these unmet needs is different for every individual. Even siblings growing up under the same circumstances may have different unmet needs. Remember, you do not need permission from anyone to validate your unmet needs. This program is a solo project - it requires introspection and self-awareness. There is no setlist of unmet needs. These experiences may range from an unexpected change in the home environment or family composition to any form of abuse to a busy parent(s) or being cared for by a parent(s) traumatized by racism, microaggression, or the immigrant /ex-pat experience. The list is endless. As you emotionally collect these experiences throughout life, these past experiences and feelings can leave you with unmet emotional needs. In this program, these therapist-designed resources and activities will help you get in touch and identify some of these unmet needs. As a participant in the needs program, you can expect to: Analyze your goals to learn more about your needs. Develop a practice to identify your needs in difficult life situations. Identify your unmet needs so you can begin to give them attention. Build a technique to help you tune into the needs you have in your daily life. Differentiate and tune into your emotional needs.

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