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Stress Reduction Strategies - A Multi-Step Program

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In approximately 25 minutes, this psycho-educational course will cover some of the basic and seemingly innocuous contributors to stress in your daily life. We also share with you proven interventions we use in our practice daily to help patients manage these sneaky stressors in their life. But remember, you have to practice, this will not work overnight! A common problem I find with patients is their disconnection from their emotional states, specifically as it relates to stress. People generally walk around with tons of stress, collecting more as they go, being totally oblivious of what they are dealing with, only paying attention when the symptoms become unmanageable. Your mental health and wellbeing start with stress! As research has found, stress is a major contributor to psychological and emotional/mental health problems. We talk a lot about stress but can you identify stress? If you are not able to identify when you are stressed and the contributors to stress in your life, you will live in a perpetual state of stress. Why? Because you may be harboring and nurturing the very sources of your stress in your life. Be mindful of your internal states and pay attention to any and all sources of stress in your life. Some of it may be unavoidable but remember you CAN still manage it by modifying your outlook. Let this course help you get there!

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