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Embrace Your Strengths During /After Adversity


Have you ever wondered why you are more aware of your weakness than your strengths? Research suggests that focusing on the negative is typical for adults. This is referred to as negativity bias. According to negativity bias, most adults focus more on negative experiences and information than positive ones. During challenging times, it's easy to forget your most effective strengths. During adversity, assumptions are made about what strengths should be - forgetting that strengths can come in different packages. Your strengths may include your creativity, humor, persistence, and capacity for gratitude, to name a few. So why is it essential to develop your strengths - and the importance of doing so? Strengths help you cope with adversity, leading to resilience from the hardship to rediscover a fulfilling life. This exercise will start you on your way to developing a healthy practice of focusing on your strengths.

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