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9-Week Resilience Program


We all learn this the hard way; life is never perfect. We may wish things would go our way, but challenges are inevitable, and we all have to deal with them. Resilience theory asserts that it’s not the nature of adversity that is most important, but how we deal with it. When we encounter adversity, frustration, and misfortune, resilience enables us to bounce back. Resilience is vital to our emotional recovery and survival. If you mindfully develop your resilience, you can even thrive in adversity. After all, what is the alternative - to throw the towel in and give up! This Nine-Step Resilience Challenge was designed to get you started on your path to resilience. You may not have had specific guidance on developing your resilience, but the activities in this challenge will arm you with insight and self-awareness, as well as various tools and strategies that work! In this resilience challenge, you would follow the steps for nine consecutive days and continue implementing these techniques into your daily life. If you are ready and serious about ENRICHing yourself, please join for this fully automated digitally delivered challenge!

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