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Type A Personality Profile


Purpose: This assessment measures whether a person possesses the hallmark behavioral characteristics of the Type A Personality.


No. of questions: 73

Question type: Self-assessment, situational, multiple choice

Estimated completion time: 15 minutes


Report Includes:

  • Summary

  • Introduction

  • Graphs

  • Detailed narrative interpretation

  • Type A & B characteristics

  • Advice

Factors and Scales:

Overall Score plus 2 subfactors, divided into 7 scales:

  • Achievement Striving: Assesses the manner in which a person strives to achieve his/her goals.

  • Impatience/Irritability: Assesses the manner in which a person comports himself/herself with others.

  • Competitiveness: Tendency to compete even in non-competitive situations.

  • Drive: Tendency to exhibit an aggressive concern or longing for success.

  • Perfectionism: Tendency to be overly critical and/or demanding of self and/or others.

  • Hostility: Tendency to engage in conflict, opposition, and resistance in thought, principle or action, and to display outbursts of frustration.

  • Time Urgency:  State of being hurried and under pressure, as well as an inclination to be impatient.

  • Tough-mindedness: Tendency to be cold or unfeeling as well as rigid in thought and con- duct; a discomfort in expression of emotion.

  • Reward Orientation: Tendency to be motivated by external incentives.


  • Achievement Striving

  • Impatience/Irritability

  • Competitiveness

  • Drive

  • Perfectionism

  • Hostility

  • Time Urgency

  • Tough-mindedness

  • Reward Orientation



  • Personal development; Employee Assistance Programs

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