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The Inner Coach VS Inner Critic

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

You may consider mindfully observing what your inner voice tells you if you have repeatedly been told that you are too hard on yourself!

While occasional self-criticism is expected to push you to be your best self, a consistently critical inner voice isn't considered "normal" or healthy. A critical or harsh inner critic is especially harmful to the psyche and mental health of BIPOC and People of ENRICH. You receive enough verbal and non-verbal criticisms, negative stereotyping, and judgment from your external environment. You don't need an internal version.

A critical inner voice usually develops during periods of intense stress. It's also typically present in mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

In such cases, your mind may engage in negative self-talk by criticizing the way you socialize, your appearance, your work, how you participate in social circles, your response to painful experiences, and more.

While ending negative self-talk isn't as simple as turning off a switch, consciously engaging in more positive self-talk can help override you, internal critic.

Mindful guided meditation can teach you how to replace negative thoughts that don't serve you well with more balance in your thought patterns.

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