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Our wide selection of digital resources and online mental health tools are customized for people who see themselves as outsiders - because of their Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture, Heritage, or even socioeconomic status.

Approximately ninety-eight percent of organizations provide an Employee Assistance Program option; however, only about 4 percent of staff utilize these services. 

ENRICH Founder & Psychoanalyst Sherry Jerimie, having worked as a consulting psychotherapist for a global EAP provider, summarize the challenges her clients faced:

Racially and ethnically diverse employees were often referred to White Therapists, making it difficult for clients to explore issues around race and microaggression. 


Recent immigrants and first-generation Americans feared their customs and traditions would be pathologized by someone who could not identify with their otherness.


In our demanding world, where employees are left to juggle work and family demands, commuting can be inconvenient, leading to missed appointments and premature termination. Our digitally delivered options eliminate barriers making services more accessible. Employees access our resources when and where they need them, even abroad.  


Diverse clients distrusted the therapeutic process and were unwilling to engage in mental health, even if it was beneficial. The most effective messengers are part of the community - At ENRICH, we are part of the community.

Our cognitive, behaviourally based resources were created to address the unmet needs of people left behind by outdated EAP and Mental Health Models. We have the right balance of therapeutic oversight and technological flexibility.

We provide access to confidential personal and professional development, when, where, and how employees need it most - on their time - 24/7  

E.g., if they are struggling with a particular issue, they can digitally access tools and resources available to them.

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The cost of untreated mental health

When mental health conditions are left untreated, work performance suffers and expenses skyrocket.