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Self-Love - Appreciate The Good Within


Self-love is often confused with narcissism and arrogance. Nothing is further from the truth! Self-love is the unapologetic act of accepting who you are and being proud and confident in your achievements and imperfections. Self-love is a healthy mentality; narcissism is a mental disorder. Self-Love requires humility, and vulnerability, a person on the narcissistic spectrum, possesses neither humility nor vulnerability, at least not visible to the layperson. Narcissism is quite different because it's a personality disorder where someone has an overblown sense of self-importance accompanied by a total lack of empathy. Self-love💡 is un-agendered and judgment-free. Self-Love is compassionate, understanding, and accepting of imperfections. Self-love is vital for positive emotional health and various elements of success. This worksheet aims to increase your self-love and appreciation of the good within yourself.

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