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The 5-Week Challenge to Assess Your Work Life


This program requires a commitment of 30 consecutive days. Stress can be insidious! Maybe you have gradually risen to the demands and absorbed the pressures around you until everything is too much and you have difficulty coping. If you can identify with this, you’re not alone!   
 This 30-Day Stress Journal is a digitally-guided exercise to bring your attention to the people, places, and things that drain your emotional resources.   
 Why a Journal? A Journal is an effective way to: Boost your affect/mood. Improve your sense of well-being. Relieve mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety or depression.  Reduce intrusion and avoidance symptoms. Improve your working memory because there is less background noise draining your emotional resources.  Identify and manage stress to prevent emotional exhaustion and burnout. This simple yet effective tool is a decisive step in the right direction for People of ENRICH who are hesitant to engage in traditional mental health modalities. With this risk-free, straightforward commitment to yourself, you identify what and who you can take off your plate to improve your emotional wellbeing!

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