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The 5-Week Challenge to Assess Your Work Life


This program is for you if you've had challenges or setbacks at work. In these digitally-guided activities, you explore the different manifestations of stress and your ability to move past setbacks. You investigate your aspirations for entrepreneurship, uncover what motivates you and gives you satisfaction, and helps you be your best self at work.
 Happiness at Work Is Important Because… Your productivity increases, and you perform better at work. You are more energized and focused on improving yourself instead of being preoccupied with stress. Rather than focusing on the problems, you focus on solutions to solve those problems. According to the Harvard Business Review, if you are unhappy in your job, your brain starts to disconnect from positive emotions, which can further impair your ability to employ creative thinking and reasoning. Your physical health can also benefit when you are happy from the inside.  You can recover faster and ward off many diseases. Happiness at work will also protect you from work-related stress. Happiness at work is not simply the sum of sound investments and adequate returns - a paycheck. For People of ENRICH, happiness comes from: An absence of psychological stressors such as microaggressions Not being treated like an Outsider, not being the "only one." Being in an environment where co-workers are mindful and emotionally intelligent. These factors influence the comfort People of ENRICH feel in professional situations.

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