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10-Week Resilience Building Program For ENRICH


As a personality trait, resilience is like a "miracle drug" that can right all wrongs and heal all wounds. Resilience is related to many positive outcomes, and—best of all, it can be improved. Bouncing back is what we do when we face disappointment, defeat, and failure, but instead of wallowing or letting things keep us down, we get back up and continue with our lives. In this Ten-Week Program, the activities include exercises, worksheets, meditations, reflections, and visualizations to provide an eclectic experience to touch on many of your learning needs. You can expect to: Practice looking at the bright side of an otherwise grim situation builds optimism and resilience. Learn to use your imagination to visualize peaceful imagery during times of stress. Be guided to create a concrete plan tailored to your own stress-management skills that you already use or want to use. Practice finding positives that emerge from your struggles. It's a compelling way of becoming more grateful and resilient. Spend time in nature to replenish your emotional resources. Visualize yourself in the future and re-imagine yourself as the most resilient version of yourself. Learn to manage stressful situations is to bring a coping thought to replace negative thoughts with constructive thoughts to reduce feelings of stress. Use the rhythm of your breathing changes considerably in response to stress. Will use your imagination to visualize and connect to peaceful, relaxed feelings.

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