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Visualizing Your Compassionate Self


Internalization can occur with both positive and negative objects (people, relationships).   For People of ENRICH, the process of negative internalization starts in early childhood, when teachers and other custodians of your child's well-being send the message that they don't deserve compassion.  Unfortunately, the negative messages continue at every stage of life for many. It doesn't ever stop!  To fully understand the power of internalization, let us define it. Internalization is the unconscious mental process by which the stereotypes, characteristics, beliefs, feelings, or attitudes of other individuals or groups are digested into the self and adopted as one's own. How Internalization Happens In Real Life People who use internalizing behaviors harm themselves (physically and emotionally) instead of turning those feelings outside of themselves (externalizing behaviors). The appropriate alternative behavior would involve verbally expressing your disappointment or hurt while setting boundaries where necessary. Internalizing behaviors run a spectrum and may include over or under-eating, depression, to extreme internalizing behaviors like abusing substances and even cutting. Even if you are not exhibiting these symptoms of internalizing behaviors, on a more benign level, as a Person of ENRICH, internalizing negative stereotypes limits your ability to practice true self-compassion.    For People of ENRICH, we must be taught the importance of Self.

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