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6-WK Psychoeducational Program for ENRICH Parents


The aim of this Six-Week digitally-guided workshop is to: Help you understand that judging your worth is unhelpful because there is no objective basis for determining the value of a human being. Encourage you to identify and use your strengths to energize and help you feel and perform at your best as a parent. Help you assess your strengths and identify times you are at your best, to think carefully about a recent situation when you were at your best. Guide you to explore your values - beliefs you consider essential in life. Want you stand for in life, how you want to behave, and what sort of person you want to be. Help you understand your inner critic when it berates you, leaving you feeling beaten-up and riddled with self-doubt. Help you become more familiar with your emotions, so you learn to verbalize and express a range of emotions. You can then teach your children to express their feelings and all emotions in a more appropriate way. Be more mindful of your negative beliefs; negative thinking is like looking through an unwashed window – everything you see is dull and distorted. You will be guided through the practice of formulating and documenting alternative views.

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