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Six-Week Immigrant / ExPat Program


The immigrant/ex-pat experience is one of highs and lows, feelings of independence and freedom shadowed by a loss of all that's familiar. All the familiar places and faces that you turn to for support and validation are no longer available to you in the same way. This multi-step program is designed to guide and provide structure to protect your mental health during this period of change. Week 1: We explore reasons and situations you mask your emotions. Week 2: We explore the psychological impact of language on your mental health. Week 3: In this exercise, you will be encouraged to identify the important relationships in your life you would like to nurture. Week 4: This challenge is designed to help you reflect on how you deal with difficult times and the people you turn to for support. Week 5: Self-care can take a back seat when adjusting to your new situation. This challenge will refocus you on taking care of those basic needs. Week 6: This challenge aims to provide you with strategies to deal with your emotions through the powerful tools of self-awareness and insight.

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